Polishing Floors

Is your polished flooring shiny and clean or look dull and dirty?

Your floor should be shiny, clean and great to walk on....if it appears dull, it may have been treated previously with the wrong chemicals or it may need to be buffed regularly to revitalise the shine. 

Why is your floor slippery to walk on?

A polished floor will only ever feel slippery if there is dirt and dust on top of the polish.

What is the process to polish your floors?

Polishing floors is similar to the application of nail polish - six coats of polish are applied, allowing for drying time between coats, otherwise the polish will ripple. The end result should be a high quality gloss which will protect the underlying flooring and keep it easy to maintain.

Floor stripping and repolishing may be just the professional cleaning
service your floor requires.

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What our clients say about us

"Ashburton Cleaning Services is a business that is all about detail. Their attention to detail is shown in our building whenever they clean our premises. The job gets done quickly and as unobtrusively as possible with no interruption to our business at all. Their staff are great and go about their business in a professional manner. ACS also offer some great advice that has given Ashburton Toyota a spruce up when it was starting to look dull. Our business is about presentation and ACS give us this. I would highly recommend ACS to anyon

Ashburton Toyota